A bit about Kalutara
  Kalutara is the administrative capital of Kalutara District which belongs to the Western Province of Sri Lanka. It locates approximately 40 km to the south of Colombo and it is the third largest urban area in the Western Province after Colombo and Negombo. Kalutara is a scenic resort town, with a diverse population. Kalutara District is famous for spices and coconut. The 38m long Kalutara Bridge has been built at the mouth of riverKalu. Three stories-high KalutaraViharais locatedat the southern end of the bridge. It is a Buddhist temple built in the 1960s. The town and suburbs are also renowned for mangosteen fruits. Although the staple food in Sri Lanka is rice people in Kalutara add mostly sea food like fish, prawns, crabs and some other sea creatures in to their diet daily in addition to the vegetables. There is a persistent beach community, who sells everything from doormats to leather goods as the only mean of supporting their families. Sri Lankan Rupees is the currency that you may use to buy many things within the country.Kalutara is surrounded by different places with archeological value, community service centers, religious places and natural water resources.Pasmeegoda is just 5km away from the heart of the Kalutara town.  
Places with natural beauty and water resources
  Kalutaraand Beruwalabeachesaresandy humid places with plenty of sunlight to enjoy. Scuba diving and surfingare main activities for anyone to enjoy. And River Kalu enters in to the sea through the mouth at Kalutara. The mouth of the River Kalu consists of different species of Mangroves. Maduganga River is another water resource with natural beauty. It is a shallow water body in Kalutara district, which enters the sea at Balapitiya. MadugangaWetland was declared in 2003, in terms of the Ramsar Convention due to a significant number of native plant and animal species. Tourists can have boat safaris in Madugangawhilewatching birds,mangrove forests and a Buddhist temple called Kothduwa temple which is situated on an isolated island inMaduganga.  
The Kalutara beach
Places with archeological value
  Fa Hien Cave is a place that has an archeological value. Because the evidences of fossil of skeletal remains of a human which dates back to the latter Pleistocene era andevidence of radioactive Carbon states that the cave had been a human civilization more than 33,000 years ago.Bones of adults and children have discovered at the site.  
Fa Hien Cave    
Sacred places
  KalutaraBodhiya is the most famous and sacred Buddhist temple in Kalutara area. It is remarkable for the “chethiyaghara”; Dagoba in a dagoba shaped house. As theKandeViharaya of Atulgambadde in Kalutara District is anothersacred place of worship for Buddhists with all the essential components of a Buddhist temple and receives veneration of people around the world.  The meaning of its name "KandeViharaya" is the temple on the hill because it is located at a top of a hill.  
Kalutara Bodhiya
Community Service centers
  Richmond Castle is one of the historical buildings located in Kalutaradistrictclose to Pasmeegoda area.The mansion with wonderful architectural features stands at top of a hill, on a 42 acre estate. It was once a circuit bungalow for high ranking British administrative officers, but today it is a popular place of tourist attraction, serving as an educational centre and an orphanage for less privileged children and used for community activities in the area.  
Richmond Castle  
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